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Combined Confined Space Entrant/Standby plus Gas Test Atmospheres


Combined Confined Space Entrant/Standby plus Gas Test Atmospheres(CSES/GTA)


  • RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces
  • MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres


Successful participants will be able to set up, calibrate and maintain gas monitors to sample hazardous atmospheres to enable them and their crew to work safely when entering, working, exiting and cleaning up a confined space, including undertaking the role of a stand-by person. They will have the knowledge and skills to accurately interpret and record results by conducting atmospheric tests and the ability to recognise confined spaces, identify hazards, and implement control measures and procedures.

Specific topics include:

  • Relevant legislation and Australian Standards, including AS2865
  • Equipment safety requirements
  • Common causes of atmospheric hazards
  • Sourcing information required for effective gas detection
  • Selection and calibration of detection equipment
  • Correct use of gas detection equipment
  • Interpreting, recording and analysing test results
  • Recommending controls based on the test results
  • Confined space entry and exit procedures
  • Hazards and risks associated with confined space work
  • Awareness of respiratory protection and its limitations
  • Isolations and controls
  • Risk assessment, permits and workplace procedures


Participants must wear site approved work wear and PPE. For delivery at a client site the following must be provided to meet the outcomes of the course:

  • A minimum of four serviceable harnesses
  • Suitable classroom and training equipment
  • Gas testing unit of the type in use at the site (available with pump and hose for external testing capabilities)
  • Calibration equipment for gas testing unit
  • Actual or simulated confined spaces that provide a minimum of three
    different entry scenarios


Target Audience
Persons requiring the knowledge, skills and abilities to use gas detection equipment to test and monitor potentially hazardous atmospheres and work in
confined spaces.

Maximum Participants

1 Day

Course Cost
$300 pp

Sufficient language, literacy and numeracy skills to read and interpret a meter, and follow work procedures on a mine or construction site.