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BHP BIO Hotwork Level 2 & 3

MSAPMPER201A Monitor and Control Work Permits/MSAPMPER200C Work in accordance with an issued permit


Successful participants will be able to work under a permit and monitor the operational conditions in which a permit to work has been issued. They will have the knowledge and skills to work under the system, know the limitations of the permit under which they are working, comply with all the requirements of the permit, apply BHPBIO standard procedures and work instructions and relevant regulatory requirements, along with the ability to implement them within appropriate time constraints and in a manner relevant to the job.

Specific topics include:

  • Identification of need for Hazardous Area Hot Work Permit or tag
  • BHPBIO Procedures for obtaining a Hazardous Area Hot Work Permit
  • Permit conditions complied with and extensions requested as required
  • Safe working conditions, required controls and safety procedures
  • Monitoring of the work area for additional risks
  • House-keeping tasks on completion of the job
  • Responsibilities of personnel involved with Hot Work
  • Review of risk assessments for work to be conducted in hazardous area
  • Communicate hot work safety controls with work crews
  • Complete BHPBIO Hazardous Area Hot Work Permits
  • Inspect practical hot work tasks
  • Close out procedures for Hazardous Area Hot Work Permit tasks


Participants must wear site approved work wear and PPE. For delivery at a client site
the following must be provided to meet the outcomes of the course:

  • Suitable classroom
  • An area for practical training where hot work can be simulated
  • BHPBIO Hot Work Permit Tags


Target Audience
Persons required to follow BHP Billiton Iron Ore Specific Procedures; who need the knowledge and skills to conduct ‘hot work’ in accordance with an issued permit or utilise a BHPBIO Hot Work Permit Tag and issue BHPBIO Hazardous Area Hot Work Permits.

Maximum Participants

1 Day

Sufficient language, literacy and numeracy skills are required to read and correctly interpret complex permits; speak clearly and unambiguously in English;correctly differentiate between high and low pressures and temperatures, voltages and masses; and follow work procedures on a mine or construction site.